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<Pure love> aquamarine crystal choker
  • <Pure love> aquamarine crystal choker

    TVA Incluse |

    Make to order:3-4days

    Aquamarine empowers the wearer by purifying the system, making it crystal clear like blue water. The wearer experiences a positive flow of emotions and high energy levels. The stone is used to promote letting go of fears and past traumas and to bring a feeling of ultimate relaxation. It is also considered to be the stone of courage and preparedness and is believed to help maintain balance and order. Aquamarine is often used as a "good luck" stone, thought to bring feelings of peace, love, joy and happiness to those who wear it.

    • Material:

      Natural high purity aquamarine crystal-stainless steel chain

    • Care info

      Natural Aquamarine is a common gemstone.However, there is a rarer deep blue variant called maxixe,but its color can fade due to sunlight.

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